Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Away Snow

Cody took this picture a few days back from right out in front of our house.  Cold and snow, cold and snow.  That seems to be the reoccurring theme these days.  Craig has been pushing snow for the city so much that he has maxed out his comp time and had to start taking overtime pay.  He and his fellow public work guys are getting very burned out.  Sixteen hours on shift, a few hours down time for eating & unwinding and a few hours for sleeping.  The winter season feels very long... already.

The spring semester at UNI starts tomorrow for Cody.  It will be his last semester of classes.  He still has to complete an internship, but then he will graduate with his bachelor of science degree.  Both boys done with college... Yippee!

I just made our hotel reservation for the Chicago Marathon.  I really wanted a room downtown near where the race starts.  Commuting on a normal day is crazy for out-of-towners like us, let alone on a major event weekend like that.  I don't want to even talk about the ridiculous amount the room cost.  (Let's just say a ridiculously ridiculous amount in my middle-class, middle-American mind.)  But we have planned and saved for this adventure for over a year now and I do love my Marriott!  272 days until the race...

Today, Dillon and Jessika found a house they like.  They are just hoping it doesn't sell before they are pre-approved for their loan.  It is so fun listening & watching them experience all the "firsts" of building a life together!

Better sign off... busy day tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a good week...  stay cool, be warm and be at peace.